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Sewing Tables by Sew Perfect

Sew Steady Cabinet InsertsSew Steady Cabinet Inserts

Sew Steady Cabinet Insets & Inserts are designed to fit your specific make and model of sewing machine and cabinet. Fills gaps around your sewing area*. Made with one of the highest grades of acrylic.

Please select the closest opening dimensions of your cabinet. If you do not see your size listed here, please look at our Small & Medium options. The make and model of cabinet are also needed to help ensure the proper size insert is selected.

* Please be careful when determining the make & model of your cabinet. If you are unsure of the make or model, please just specify the closest opening dimension (leave the make & model blank), and we will work with you to determine the right product.

Inserts have a lip to catch on the cabinet top (as photo above illustrates).
Insets(no lip) sit flush inside cabinet resting on a ledge within the cabinet.

Sew Steady Inserts are a custom product - please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Cabinet Insets & Inserts

Cabinet Insets & Inserts

Cabinet Insets & Inserts


  Blank Inserts
A great way to turn your sewing machine table into a work table or a solid surface for your cutting mat
Blank table inserts fit snuggly to create a smooth work surface.
Price: $58.00 ea. + s/h
sewing tables

Sewing Table Foot Pads

Sewing Table Foot Pads
Protect your wood floors by adding
Sew Perfect Foot Pads.
Set of 4. click on image to the left to view a larger photo

Price: $15.00 set + shipping

sewing tables
Clamp On Lamp Clamp On Lamp
Protect Light where you need it. Our adjustable clamp on lamp provides the flexibility you need to see your work clearly.
click on image to the left to view a larger photo

Price: $19.95 ea. + s/h

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height adjustable sewing tables